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Avail partners with you to understand your near- and long-term objectives for your facility. We’ll right-size your energy systems and generation solutions to not only meet your needs today, but your future needs as well. Regardless of your specific goals, all our energy systems and generation solutions will help shield you from escalating utility costs and increase the resiliency of your business. 

The many benefits of Avail’s energy systems and generation solutions:

  • Demonstrate to employees and customers a commitment to sustainability and modernization

  • Differentiate your business by allowing customers to charge electric vehicles while shopping, staying or working

  • Reduce energy costs with solar and battery solutions, especially during peak periods when power costs the most

  • Substantially reduce carbon footprint, particularly when coupled with efficiency improvements

  • Reduce reliance on sometimes fragile and overburdened utility systems

  • Make your business more reliable and resilient with energy generation and storage

  • Gain potential tax benefits, including tax credits and accelerated depreciation

  • Receive financing to reduce out-of-pocket costs—most applications are approved within 48 hours and there is no fee to apply

Avail’s energy systems and generation experts can do it all, including:

  • Assess electrical load and compute energy and demand savings from PV power and battery storage

  • Evaluate and install electrical infrastructure for electric vehicle charging systems, battery storage and solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays—including all aspects of the electrical infrastructure from transformers and switchgear, to panels, conduit and wire runs

  • Help you choose the right electric vehicle charging solution based on your present and future needs

  • Commission new equipment

  • Identify and capture utility incentives

  • Provide project financing at highly competitive commercial rates

Across sectors, building types and technology, learn how our team adapts to the specific needs of our customers.

Let us know how we can help you solve your operational and environmental goals.

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