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Avail recognizes the outsized importance of temperature control and air freshness for guest experience and employee productivity. Before we recommend HVAC controls, we take great care to fully understand our customers’ business environment needs, intended occupant experience, and financial objectives.

The many benefits of Avail’s HVAC controls and integration solutions:

  • Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint

  • Improve customer, guest and employee experience 

  • Reduce maintenance costs by running equipment on preprogrammed settings according to owner's standards

  • Diagnose system issues more rapidly and remotely with controls—accelerate repair before failure occurs

  • Ensure proper space conditioning in grocery store, hospitality, assisted living and dormitory facilities

  • Reduce product loss and increase amount of product that can be sold

  • Receive financing to reduce out-of-pocket costs—most applications are approved within 48 hours and there is no fee to apply

Avail’s HVAC integration and controls experts can do it all, including:

  • Evaluate controls and energy management systems and approaches, and recommend products and strategies

  • Evaluate and replace hardware, networking gear, electrical infrastructure, and commission new equipment

  • Evaluate and replace or install variable frequency drives (VFDs) on built-up forced-air systems

  • Provide ongoing training and support, system documentation, signage and reference materials

  • Evaluate placement, type, function and effectiveness of switches and controls in achieving business purposes and objectives

  • Integrate controls and thermostats with other hardware and systems, including access control, hospitality/dorm/assisted living room controls, room amenities, power systems and demand control ventilation (DCV)

  • Compute energy and demand savings, and identify and capture utility incentives

  • Provide project financing at highly competitive commercial rates

Across sectors, building types and technology, learn how our team adapts to the specific needs of our customers.

Let us know how we can help you solve your operational and environmental goals.

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