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Avail takes a holistic approach to lighting. We start by understanding how lighting can better serve your business and help you achieve your goals. Whether you’d like to enhance the allure of your products, increase employee productivity, or improve safety for customers and employees, we’ll find the perfect energy- and money-saving solution to fit your needs and budget.

The many benefits of Avail’s interior lighting solutions:

Commercial Building.jpg
  • Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint

  • Decrease maintenance costs, downtime, and disruptions to customers

  • Improve work productivity and safety

  • Enhance product presentation and ambience for retailers and restaurants, while reducing product damage

  • Reduce HVAC load by eliminating heat-producing incandescent and fluorescent lights

  • Gain control of lighting systems

  • Receive financing to reduce out-of-pocket costs—most applications are approved within 48 hours and there is no fee to apply

Avail’s interior lighting experts can do it all, including:

  • Evaluate and replace existing lighting hardware, switches and automated controls

  • Assess adequacy of lighting coverage, brightness, color rendering, safety, productivity—and design lighting systems to correct issues

  • Utilize detailed photometric analysis tools to optimize lighting layout if needed

  • Appraise placement, type, function and effectiveness of switches and controls in achieving business purposes and objectives

  • Specify replacement fixtures, bulbs, electrical infrastructure, controls, switches, fixture placement, location, orientation, size, counts and density

  • Conduct Acceptance Testing for lighting systems and controls

  • Compute energy savings from lighting upgrades, and identify and capture utility incentives

  • Provide project financing at highly competitive commercial rates

Across sectors, building types and technology, learn how our team adapts to the specific needs of our customers.

Let us know how we can help you solve your operational and environmental goals.

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