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Learn how we zero in on the specific solutions to suit our customers’ unique property and business goals as we support the communities we serve.


National Reach & Experience

Avail has worked with national hospitality vendors and grocery chains to retrofit hundreds of stores from New York to Hawaii and along the entire west coast. Check out some of our results in the Albertson’s Companies 2016 Sustainability Report (page 8).


Sacramento, CA

Comprehensive Energy Upgrades

“Avail has improved the efficiency of my store across the board—I’m actually saving $2,000 a month on my energy bill.”

- Owner, T&Y Supermarket


T&Y Supermarket

A long-time partner of Avail’s, T&Y Supermarket owner Charlie became a believer in Avail’s approach to customer service after their first collaboration: an upgrade to the evaporator fans in the supermarket’s refrigeration system and installation of heater controllers on glass door display cases.

“Avail’s upgrades made my entire refrigeration system more efficient,” said Charlie. “The upgrades saved me a lot of money, just as Avail had advised me they would. The results inspired me to work with Avail a second time to upgrade my lighting.”

After helping Charlie secure the maximum amount of utility incentives to offset project costs, Avail set up an installation appointment that avoided any customer disruption. They then upgraded the interior and exterior lighting at T&Y Supermarket to improve the store’s aesthetic and to further reduce Charlie’s electric bill.

“Avail has improved the efficiency of my store across the board—I’m actually saving $2,000 a month on my energy bill,” said Charlie. “I’m really pleased with the look of my store with this new modern lighting system. And the outside lighting is much brighter, which helps my customers feel safer. The security of my customers and business is very important to me.”


Sacramento, CA

Interior and Exterior Lighting


Sacramento Children's Home

Linda Norgard, Senior Maintenance Manager at Sacramento Children’s Home, first met Avail when they were working on a lighting and refrigeration upgrade project at the restaurant next door. She had long wanted better lighting at the Children’s Home but assumed that a major upgrade would be cost-prohibitive for the nonprofit’s small budget.

“Avail started by helping us troubleshoot an issue with parking lot lighting—completely pro bono,” said Norgard. “We asked them to look at all our lighting, and they identified lots of opportunity. We didn’t have budget to do our whole facility—gym, outdoor lighting, office, classrooms and living spaces—so Avail did part of the project for free. We are so grateful.”


To further help out the nonprofit, Avail donated additional LED lighting bulbs for use in the hospital’s buildings. Overall, the lighting upgrades reduced the facility’s electric bill by 20% and led to a significant reduction in maintenance costs. “We have had no maintenance issues at all with the equipment Avail installed,” said Norgard. “As a nonprofit, Avail’s generosity has meant a great deal to us. We are so glad they’re a member of the Sacramento community.”


Sacramento, CA

Exterior Lighting

“I was so pleased with the outcome...Avail is always on the spot to help with any service issue, large and small.”

- Dennis Delisle, Property Management Firm


Properties by Dennis

When Dennis Delisle of commercial property management firm Properties by Dennis determined that his commercial retail parking lot required more lighting coverage for safety and peace of mind, he knew exactly who to contact. Already a repeat customer of Avail’s, Dennis had come to rely on their committed customer service and willingness to work around tenant schedules in order to avoid disrupting customer traffic.


“I was introduced to Avail through the SMUD Complete Energy Solutions incentive programs,” said Delisle. “They have always been very mindful and respectful of our needs and schedules. I know they’ll consider the nuances of each project instead of trying to force fit solutions.”

The Avail team installed LED exterior lighting, leading to a safer, more evenly lit parking lot, in addition to $500 per month in electric savings.


“I was so pleased with the outcome,” said Delisle. “And it goes beyond just the energy savings. Avail is always on the spot to help with any service issue, large and small. Most recently, when a 50-foot pole light was knocked over, they came out on a Saturday to clean up the mess and provide me with a replacement light at a price that beats my regular maintenance company. I really appreciate how responsive, flexible and fair Avail is. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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