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At Avail, we know how important refrigeration system effectiveness and stability is to our customers’ business success. Whether for retail, storage, wholesale or distribution, we identify opportunities to match operational strength and maximum efficiency by providing market-tested products that cut energy consumption by half or more. Avail has retrofitted hundreds of stores with proven, durable, high-efficiency equipment that keeps your products cold and energy bills low. 

The many benefits of Avail’s refrigeration solutions:

  • Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint with more efficient equipment,

  • Remove heat generated by inefficient equipment from refrigerated spaces

  • Enhance product presentation and reduce maintenance costs

  • Increase amount of product that can be sold by reducing product loss

  • Ensure compliance with NSF standards for food safety

  • Receive financing to reduce out-of-pocket costs—most applications are approved within 48 hours and there is no fee to apply

Avail’s refrigeration experts can do it all, including:

  • Evaluate and upgrade existing shaded pole or split capacitor evaporator fan motors to energy-efficient Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs)

  • Install two-speed motor controls to run new ECMs at full-speed only when necessary, and at low-speed to maintain proper temperature and airflow

  • Evaluate and install reach-in case lighting (linear fluorescent to LED)

  • Install walk-in cooler and freezer lighting (incandescent or fluorescent to LED), auto door closers and strip curtains

  • Install night covers on open refrigerated display cases

  • Identify and install smart anti-sweat door heater controls that integrate humidity sensors to reduce unnecessary refrigerated display-case heater runtime, while ensuring the prevention of door fogging and condensation buildup

  • Evaluate placement, type, function and effectiveness of switches and controls in achieving business purposes and objectives

  • Compute energy savings from refrigeration upgrades, and identify and capture utility incentives

  • Provide project financing at highly competitive commercial rates

Across sectors, building types and technology, learn how our team adapts to the specific needs of our customers.

Let us know how we can help you solve your operational and environmental goals.

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