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Avail is dedicated to helping our customers save on energy and maintenance costs and improve building performance and business results. Our survey and audit services help businesses understand how, when and where energy is being used in a building, and areas where energy efficiency upgrades will produce energy savings. From simple retrofits for a single building to a long-term investment plan for your portfolio, we can help you save energy and money immediately and long-term.

The many benefits of Avail’s survey and audit solutions:

  • Understand building assets and operation for valuation purposes, lease decisions and negotiations

  • Determine energy efficiency, demand management and renewables opportunities

  • Prioritize and plan for investments and changes to building infrastructure

  • Capitalize on utility incentives opportunities and maintenance savings

  • Get ahead of changing compliance or certification standards

Avail’s survey and audit experts can do it all, including:

  • Preliminary End-Use Analysis: Analysis of historic energy use and costs. Typically, energy use is benchmarked against similar buildings to assess whether deeper analysis and onsite review are likely to produce meaningful energy savings.

  • ASHRAE Level One Audit: Site Assessment to identify low-cost energy-saving opportunities, and a general view of potential capital improvements. Activities include an assessment of energy bills and a brief, undisruptive building inspection.

  • ASHRAE Level Two Audit: Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis Audits identify low-cost opportunities and provide energy efficiency measure recommendations in line with financial plans and potential capital-intensive energy-saving opportunities. Level Two audits include an in-depth analysis of energy costs, energy usage and building characteristics, and a more refined survey of how energy is used in your building.

Across sectors, building types and technology, learn how our team adapts to the specific needs of our customers.

Let us know how we can help you solve your operational and environmental goals.

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